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Prevention & Rehabilitation


Adjustments help relieve pain and restore normal functioning to the spine, joints and supporting structures of the body.
Accupuncture Ottawa


At FLOW, our practitioners utilize Contemporary Medical Acupuncture which is mechanism-based, not disease-based.

Physiotherapy Rehab  Ottawa


We focus on patient-centred care, emphasizing one-on-one, hands-on treatment with a focus on attention and education.

RMT Ottawa


Relax, reduce stress, decrease pain and inflammation, improve mobility and circulation with registered massage therapy.
Concussion Management


At FLOW, we offer research-proven concussion treatments and rehabilitation through Complete Concussion Management.
Custom Orthotics Ottawa


Custom-made orthotics provide support, improve the function of your feet and can help to reduce or relieve pain.
FLOW Manual Therapy Ottawa


Hands-on treatment by a certified ART® practitioner to treat soft-tissue utilizing the Active Release Technique.

Coaching & Performance Training


Strength and conditioning involves both group and one on one supervised exercise, which may include any combination of weight lifting, mobility and body weight movements, cardiovascular training, and more. A certified coach will assess a client’s individual needs to create a plan that helps them progressively adapt to their fitness or performance goals. Services include technique assessments, personal training, individualized programming for at home/ alternate gym, and more.

Fitness and Performance Programming

Common fitness and performance programming include individualized exercise prescription for runners, cyclists, and those with strength and/or weight loss goals. Programs are created based on a detailed conversation about the person’s goals, equipment availability, and time commitments in order to create a plan that is effective, realistic, and efficient.

Mental Performance Coaching and Mental Skills Training

Mental performance refers to the psychology of sport performance and plays a key role in the sport environment for all those involved, from individual athletes and teams to coaches and support staff. A performer’s mental state has a vital impact on performance. Training the mind for success (along with the physical, technical, and tactical components of training) is essential in order to achieve performance goals in competitive environments. \
Mental performance coaching aims at enhancing mental performance and well-being in sport, performing arts, and daily life. Mental training is just as important as physical training when learning or perfecting a skill! The process of mental performance consulting may include:
-Developing a greater understanding of yourself or gaining knowledge and insight on personal motivations
-Learning how to achieve greater control over your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours which impacts your choice and performance/wellness outcomes.
-Becoming more resilient in the face of adversity and challenges.
-Working more optimally within a team environment.
-Training mental skills including: setting goals for your life/sport/performance domain, building motivation and confidence, improving concentration and attention, dealing with pressure or anxiety related to performance, and more!

Sideline Therapy / Coverage

Ottawa Sideline Coverage


We come to you! Seasoned professionals are available for sideline coverage / therapy for your team, group, or event. 

private workshops 

Ottawa Group Wellness Workshop from FLOW

Team or business wellness workshops

We come to you! Workshops include Movement & Body Positioning At Work, Lifting Mechanics, Sitting Posture, Stress Management etc.

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